In which we attempt to discover the wonders of Word Press

What’s it all about ?

Ropes on Swan

Ropes (sheets ? ) on the MV Swan. It looks like a sailing ship, but isn’t really.

I keep reading in the Computer Comics how great WordPress is and how you can build astonishing web sites with it and how you don’t need any other tools to accomplish this. This is of great interest to me – I’ve already built many web sites without the help of Wrodpress, but could I be doing it quicker and easier with WordPress?

Only one way to find out – make a web site using WordPress and play with it. And that is what this is all about. Find out what you can and cannot do.

So far I’ve made my own theme , added a photo gallery and swapped the default home page ( the blog ) for this page.  I’ve also removed the sidebar which show blog statistics. I need to see if the sidebar can be populated with other stuff – that will come later.

The picture handling is good – uploading images is easy and post upload tweaking is OK too. Seems to be a flat filing system for images which might be a problem if you have many pictures. One thing to note about the pictures uploads – I found it unreliable on my usual host ( a budget plan with very little control over the configuration) so I have put this on my VPS host where I can tweak  httpd.conf  and php.ini. Now it works a treat.

I’ll try and keep doing posts to the blog so I can see how that goes. But my main interest is in static pages – I don’t build many web sites with blogs. Of course they are not really static – they always come from the database, which is a bit limiting.  Joomla lets you have real static pages – pages built using an HTML editor. But Joomla is massively complicated and the last time I tried it ( about two years ago ),  it brought my budget hosted web site to its’ knees.

So – the progress will be documented in the Blog – looks good so far !

As the man said as he passed the 14th floor on his way down !